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Private LTE

CBRS stands for Citizens Broadband Radio Systems. It is actually a “band,” not a technology, that will enable enterprises to deploy private LTE networks in shared spectrum. What does this mean? Instead of being dependent on carriers to provide broadband connectivity for licensed and unlicensed spectrum, property owners can leverage their own private network to guarantee coverage throughout their property.

Private CBRS LTE networks have all the advantages of the commercial carrier networks such as security, mobility, and compatibility with a wide variety of existing handsets. In addition, the residents, tenants, and guests of the enterprise can benefit from vertical-specific applications only available to the users of the private network.

Private LTE Lifecycle Consulting
Vetting partners is key. you have a team of experienced and well-connected experts ensuring only CBRS certified companies are bidding on and performing tasks for every phase. Let Rebel be your guide for the growing OnGo ecosystem, ensuring you identify and select the best partner across every step of the life cycle.

OnGo is uncompromised connectivity. It puts the power of your wireless network in your hands to empower and extend new business opportunities for your organization.

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